Monday, August 25, 2014

The Expletive Hat

As hat season is rapidly approaching I've begun a hat making frenzy! Also, Fuck happens to be my favorite word :) so, enjoy this expletive hat.

Its actually a pretty quick and easy knit, I didn't even get through an entire season of Ghost Adventures while knitting this bad boy!

Warning, its not for the faint of heart!

US Size 8 needles (Either circular or DPNs)
Main color yarn
Contrast color yarn

*All rows in this section worked in MC*
CO 84 sts
Join in the round
R1-5: *K2 P2* to end of row
R6-10: K all

R11-22: Follow the Skulls pattern chart!

In these patterns the grey is the MC and the black is the CC. All stitches are knitted.
Skull Pattern:

Expletive Pattern Chart:

R23-25: K all in the MC
R26: K13 in MC, PM, R1 of the expletive pattern chart, K13 in MC, PM, R1 of the expletive pattern chart.
*Due to the long stretches of MC and relatively little CC in this portion of the pattern I attached and cut the CC at the beginning and end of the expletive pattern portion in each row. You could also use the Intarsia method to achieve this, but I'm notoriously bad at that method*
R27: K13 in MC, R2 of the expletive pattern chart, K13 in MC, R2 of the expletive pattern chart
R28: K13 in MC, R3 of the expletive pattern chart, K13 in MC, R3 of the expletive pattern chart
R29-47: Follow this pattern of K13 in MC, R(X) of the expletive pattern chart, K13 in MC, R(X) of the expletive pattern chart.
R48: K all MC
R49: K all MC
R50: *K1 MC, K1 CC* to end of row
R51: K all MC

Shaping the Crown
*All rows are worked in MC from now on*
R52: *K10, K2tog* till end of row
R53: K all
R54: *K9, K2tog* till end of row
R55: K all
R56: *K8, K2tog* till end of row
R57: K all
R58: *K7, K2tog* till end of row
R59: K all
R60: *K6, K2tog* till end of row
R61: K all
R62: *K5, K2tog* till end of row
R63: K all
R64: *K4, K2tog* till end of row
R65: K all
R66: *K3, K2tog* till end of row
R67: K all
R68: *K2, K2tog* till end of row
R69: K all
R70: *K1, K2tog* till end of row

I used the Kitchener stitch to close the top of the hat, an awesome video explaining how to do this stitch can be found here.

Pom Pom
To make the pom pom for the top of the hat I used a combination of the MC and CC color yarn. An awesome pom pom making video can be found here.

In order to attach the pom pom to the hat, take the two long strings and pull them through the top of the hat and tie them together on the inside of the hat!

Voila, you're done!! Enjoy your new hat!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Seed Stitch Cowl

Ok, so I haven't posted a pattern in a long time, so here goes!! First I want to state my absolute love and obsession of cowls, or infinity scarfs! :) They are wonderful, cozy and just fun to wear! So here is the pattern for a seed stitch cowl

Even Snap the cat loves cowls!

Okay, so here goes the pattern!!

Size 13 Circular knitting needles 
2 Skeins of a chunky yarn. I used Bernat Roving in Putty

CO 131 sts
Join in the round and place marker
R1: *K1, P1* to end
R2: *P1, K1* to end
Continue pattern to desired width, anywhere from 10"-15". Mine was about 12"
BO in pattern and weave in ends


I have developed a new passion over the past couple of years for cosplay! I'm a huge anime nerd and so dressing up and getting to be someone I'm usually not is a ton of fun :) Here are some pictures from a recent convention my boyfriend and I went to! 
I'm a total No Face freak, so this awesome No Face costume was one of my favorites!

I'm dressed up as Mina Tepes from Dance in the Vampire Bund and my boyfriend is dressed up as Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club!
I'm all raved out!

My boyfriend Matt is super into doing Zombie makeup! 


Matt is a zombie Shaggy from Scooby Doo, my friend Jess just does amazing face paint and I love Rave gear!

Here I'm dressing as a punk Maka from Soul Eater and Matt is Zombie Shaggy!

Conventions are a blast to go to, even if you don't dress up! Had a total blast both years and I plan on going to many more! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Luna Hat (Sailor Moon)

One of my best friend's 21st birthday's is coming and since she is a Sailor Moon fanatic I decided to make her an adorable hat modeled after Luna, her talking cat companion. If you've never watched the anime I would recommend it for sure! Either way, I think she'll flip a shit when she sees it. 

I had to throw in an adorable picture of my albino ferret Lillth

It's actually a really simple knit and as it's my first attempt at a hat I'm actually really proud of it :D Ok, so onto the good part, the pattern

A quick note before I begin. Gauge is actually really important when knitting hats [as I found out the hard way] so before you start your hat I highly recommend knitting a swatch and seeing how many stitches per inch your knitting then measuring your head to double check how many you should be casting on. The number of stitches in my pattern is for my head and it SHOULD be fairly standard and fit most adult heads, but it never hurts to make sure!!

Size 7 circular needles [Or the size you need to obtain your gauge]

Black yarn (I used normal worsted weight yarn)
Pink and yellow felt 

CO 94 sts
*K1, P1* until the length measures about 1/2 an inch [If you just knit all the stitches the brim WILL roll up]
K all stitches for about 7-9 inches [I recommend trying it while knitting to see where it fits your head the best]
DO NOT decrease at the top of the hat, this will create the ears!!
There are 2 ways to close your hat:
1. Kitchener stitch [This is how I closed my hat] Here is a really good video on the Kitchener stitch
2. Bind off normally and then sew the top closed

Cut two triangles out of pink felt and the crescent moon out of yellow felt
Sew the pink felt onto the corners where the ears will go and then tack the ears closed. 
Sew the yellow moon onto the center of the hat where it will sit nicely on your forehead.

Voila! You have a Luna hat :) 


Monday, July 2, 2012

Bunny Chibis

As I have stated before, I have 3 pet rabbits, all with their own little personalities of course. There are the boys, Teelo and Bartholomew (or Bartie for short) who are roughly 2 years old. Bartholomew is rather shy while his brother Teelo is much more adventuresome. Then there is their little sister Emma, who is only 2 months old as of now and the biggest princess in the house <3



So I stumbled across a pattern one day for bunny chibi's (Those of you wondering what the hell a chibi is:

I just had to share the chibi's I made of the boys! Emma's chibi is in progress, she's a bit harder because of her spots, haha. Also, here is a link to the pattern for the cute little bunnies, because they are just to adorable not to share:

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mesh Handwarmer

Hello all! My name is Danielle, but everyone calls me Ella. I've been knitting for around 10 years now and I really enjoy it! I’m a college student in Michigan and I live with my boyfriend and our six ferrets, two bunnies and one cat. I’m always looking for free knitting patterns to do new things with, so I figured I’d start a blog to share my projects with others! I really enjoy knitting hand warmers, scarves, little stuffed toys and things for all my pets! So hopefully everyone enjoys these patterns and projects!

I generally try to provide multiple sizes if they are available. I’ll try and make a list of all my abbreviations but they are usually pretty standard and can be found here:

So I've developed a love of hand warmers. They are perfect for spring! So here is a pattern for a nice pair of hand warmers! These are really easy to make patterns for, and an almost infinite number of patterns that you can make to develop your own really awesome hand warmers. However, these are not my original creation: but I have modified them a bit because my hands are smaller than the average persons. 

Size 6 needles

If you are a looser knitter though I would recommend a smaller needle size, since I'm a really tight knitter

Make 2 as left and right are worked the same
Cast on 28[32,36]
Rows 1-11: *K2,P2* to end of row
Row 12: K1 *YO, K2tog* to last stitch, K1 (You should end up with 28[32,36]sts)
Row 13: P all
Row 14: K1 *YO, SKP* to last stitch, K1 (You should end up with 28[32,36]sts)
Row 15: P all
Row 16-51: Repeat Rows 12-17 (Make sure you end on a "row 17") [The pattern will repeat 10 times]
Row 52-57: *K2,P2*

Bind off in pattern
Flip to the wrong side is facing out and with a yarn needle sew up the seam, making sure you leave room for a thumb hole (It will be inside out when your done) and then turn the project right side out. 


Thank you Creative Yarn!