Monday, July 2, 2012

Bunny Chibis

As I have stated before, I have 3 pet rabbits, all with their own little personalities of course. There are the boys, Teelo and Bartholomew (or Bartie for short) who are roughly 2 years old. Bartholomew is rather shy while his brother Teelo is much more adventuresome. Then there is their little sister Emma, who is only 2 months old as of now and the biggest princess in the house <3



So I stumbled across a pattern one day for bunny chibi's (Those of you wondering what the hell a chibi is:

I just had to share the chibi's I made of the boys! Emma's chibi is in progress, she's a bit harder because of her spots, haha. Also, here is a link to the pattern for the cute little bunnies, because they are just to adorable not to share:

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